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My Teaching Philosophy

I teach alignment-focused Vinyasa-style Hatha Yoga classes that cultivate an overall sense of energetic balance with a feeling of being more grounded, calm, and yet fully awakened. Every class I teach has a theme that I use to share core concepts of Yoga, to make it a more meaningful and complete experience.

A comprehensive practice of Yoga integrating different modalities such as Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asanas, and Meditation not only helps us achieve physical benefits but helps develop self-compassion, self-awareness, clarity, serenity and empowerment. In my classes, I like to integrate all the above mentioned modalities to apply the ancient wisdom to our contemporary world in a useful and understandable way along with teaching yoga basics and creative sequencing for joyful and inviting yoga practice for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Each practice emphasizes mindful movement, breath awareness with a strong focus on alignment, building strength and promoting flexibility, and sharpening the ability to focus -- thereby improving body awareness in these Vinyasa-style classes integrating the elements of Hatha Yoga. 

My years of experience enables me to creatively adapt each practice to accommodate the needs of all the practitioners by making it more or less challenging experience. I hope to inspire each of my practitioners to find their own individual expression that serves them both on and off the mat.

I am deeply thankful for the wonderful teachers I have had along my path for their loving guidance and wisdom.

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